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Woodmoor’s Tutoring


Students who are eligible for tutoring scored below grade level expectations for foundational skills. Students will work with tutors to develop basic literacy skills such as letter sound correspondence, letter recognition, oral blending and oral reading fluency. They will also work with tutors on comprehension skills to help them build an understanding of the text using before, during, and after reading strategies. 

Overview of Program

Tutors will work with students on developing reading readiness skills by building phonemic awareness and incorporating other reading interventions and strategies. Tutors will work with students for an hour 2 times per week to support them with skills that will help them become fluent readers. Such programs include:

  • SIPPS Beginning Level: Students will work on segmenting and orally blending three letter words. Students will also practice spelling three letter words (cat, run, wet, top) and reading multiple texts to practice their fluency

  • Comprehension/Writing-Scholastic Leveled Texts:  Students will work on reading multiple passages and using strategies to understand the text. Students will respond to the text through written and oral expression. They will also use word sorts to practice sound/spelling patterns

  • Fluency/Comprehension-Fluency Formula:  Students will practice fluency and comprehension skills. They will read multiple passages and respond to the text through oral and written responses.

Ways to access tutoring services

Families can access these resources by contacting Mrs. Falber at [email protected]. Additionally, families can inquire about tutoring by contacting their classroom teacher directly to discuss options and concerns. 

Resources will be given to students to take home to practice at home.